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    marguerite-lynn-williams on #149892

    I’m looking for chamber music by American composers for any instrument combination including harp. I’m familiar with the standards like the Persichetti Serenade or Rochester-Young Song of the Lark, but I was also hoping to find more suggestions especially those that are more than just flute and harp.

    I really apreciate your help and suggestions!
    – ML

    zoraida-avila on #149893


    Here I give you a few ensemble works by american composers including harp.

    In 2007, the american composer Adrienne Albert composed Between the dark and daylight, a three-movement work for flute, violin, viola, cello and harp (Nightdreams, Lullaby, and Daydreams)

    Ryan Carter
    American composer originally from Wisconsin. Spirals (2005) for flute, harp, and vcl.

    Alan Hovaness – Garden of Adonis (flute & harp)

    Alexandra du Bois
    American composer. L’Arc des Étoiles (Arc of the Stars) (2007) for flute, harp and percussion (7’)

    George Crumb:
    -Ancient Voices of Children (1970), for mezzo-soprano, boy soprano, oboe, mandolin, harp, amplified piano (and toy piano), and percussion (three players)
    -Federico’s Little Songs for Children. Soprano, flute/piccolo/alto flute/bass flute, and harp
    -Quest for guitar, soprano saxophone, harp, double bass, and percussion (two players)

    Hope it helps you. Regards,
    Zoraida Avila

    paul-wren on #149894

    I love Arthur Foote’s At Dusk, Harp, Violin and Cello

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