amazing wireless stand light

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    HBrock25 on #72745

    This stand light is so small, so lightweight and easy to use I cannot wait to recommend it. Designed by a musician, it has all the features a harpist could want: clips onto any stand, is wireless, recharges easily, lasts 3-4 hours on a single charge, folds easily into a compact unit about 6″ long and has a rechargeable lithium battery with LED light — no bulbs to burn out. Check out the web site above. I highly recommend it.

    kreig-kitts on #72746

    Unless it can tune the harp and change a string for me while I make a sandwich, or at least help with loading, it doesn’t have all the features I’d want.

    kreig-kitts on #72747

    Though the illumination does look nice with all those little soft white lights.

    barbara-brundage on #72748

    I’ve had the lotus light for a long time, and I think it’s just okay. Mine drops significantly in brightness after an hour or so and it’s not that bright compared to an incandescent light. I also think it’s overpriced.

    An alternative, which I’m just trying is the MightyBright Orchestra light, which runs on either batteries or the included charger, has a wider light distribution, two light levels, comes with a bag to keep it in, and can be had for about $35 on amazon (which I don’t understand, since Shar sells it for that price on amazon but it’s $65 if you buy it from their own website):

    Note that both these and universal kliplite (which also has an LED version:

    all put out a very white, cold light which doesn’t exactly flatter the performer. Of the three (I own them all, I would rate the mightybright the best so far).

    barbara-brundage on #72749

    Oh also, for wooden stand owners, the mightybright clip is padded so it doesn’t mark your stand.

    barbara-brundage on #72750

    > included charger

    Sorry, I meant the AC adapter. The mightybright doesn’t have a built-in battery like the Lotus. So the lotus is more convenient in that you don’t have to worry about batteries, but less convenient in that once the batteries run down, it’s done till you recharge it (mine doesn’t put out much, if any, light while charging).

    Also, lotus does have a bag, but the mightybright bag also has a pocket where you could store a tuner, business cards, extra batteries (although they claim 16 hours of battery life at the bright setting–haven’t had a chance to run down a set yet to see how long it really lasts. On Christmas Eve it lasted four hours with no dimming.)

    David Ice on #72751

    Thanks for the heads up on the Orchestra light.

    barbara-brundage on #72752

    The biggest problem I have with it, David, is positioning. The gooseneck part is really long, in my opinion a little too long (you could illumine a bound full-size orchestral score easily), and the flange on the back of the light housing is not very deep, so it can be difficult to bring it into the right position where your music is completely illuminated without the light being so high it blocks your view of the conductor or else isn’t shining the light into someone’s eyes if there are people seated at the same level as you.

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