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    erin-wood on #150364

    Julie Albertson on #150365

    Hi Erin,

    I’ve only played 2 or 3 productions of Amahl so I’m not positive about what’s the usual, but I’ve played a gliss. Sort of a fast flurry of left, right, left, right, left right of descending lines. The pedals are D#, C-natural, B#, E-flat, F#, G-natural, and A-flat. In fact, in one production, I played the glisses at 34 and then rapped my knuckles on the soundboard four times for the Magi’s knocks at the door.

    …I just checked the CD I have and the harpist plays glisses. This was the original NBC cast recording with Menotti directing and Thomas Schippers conducting, so I figure if that harpist glissed, I would as well!

    Julie in Atlanta

    erin-wood on #150366

    Thank you so much for checking your part and your CD.

    unknown-user on #150367

    I”ve played it three of four years, but

    tiffany-envid on #150368

    I know this was posted such a long time ago… but would anyone happen to have a copy of the harp part that I could have?

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