“Amahl and the Night Visitors” Harp Part

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    steven-todd-miller on #146986

    If anyone knows where I can pick up a copy of the harp part for “Amahl and the Night Visitors”, I’d greatly appreciate it! I’m hoping to produce it this holiday with my 8 year-old son as Amahl. Thanks!

    Evangeline Williams on #146987

    I don’t know about the harp part, but somewhere, once upon a time, I had the score for all the instruments.

    MusikFind1 on #146988

    The harp part is on rental only. These publications are for sale from any music dealer:

    MENOTTI, Gian Carlo (b.1911)

    Amahl and the Night Visitors (complete).

    Pub. G. SCHIRMER

    HAL50340770 large score (cloth) 59.95

    HAL50337790 vocal score (Revised 1997) 22.50

    HAL50337800 choral score 4.95

    HAL50340010 libretto 4.95

    Orchestra materials on rental directly from G. Schimer.

    [The harp part has never been for sale and any other copy than the Schirmer rental one is illegal.]

    2 pianos four hands, on rental directly from G. Schimer.

    For any production with or without orchestra you will need permission from the copyright owner, Schirmer, and there will be a Grand Rights charge.

    steven-todd-miller on #146989

    Thanks for the help and great information. It will save a lot of searching around when show time comes! Do you know if one can customize parts, such as the two pianos and the harp part only? Thanks again!

    Evangeline Williams on #146990

    I found my Amahl this weekend, and what I have is just the Intro, March and Shepherd’s Dance, not the whole thing.

    steven-todd-miller on #146991

    Thanks for looking! From the TV introduction of the broadcast of Amahl, Menotti seeemed like a wonderful person. I performed the part of Toby in “The Medium” in my younger days– I loved telling people I was a mute in an opera!

    Evangeline Williams on #146992

    Steven, that is hysterical!

    David Ice on #146993


    I played AMAHL a few years ago and just remember that it was no big deal.

    Christian Chalifour on #146994

    If you elect to use Menotti’s original 2-piano score (which is great, by the way!) Schirmer will also let you rent up to six books from the regular full chamber orchestration, and then you can simply “let go” of some of the 2-piano parts, and let those six instruments individual colors come thru. I once used the 2-piano version, and augmented it with the flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, cello and harp books, to make an 8-piece combo.

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