Alwyn: Naiades-Rehearsal Mark X

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    alexander-rider on #146068

    Hi all– does anyone have some ideas for the pedalling at letter X , five measures before Y? It works briefly to play it all enharmonically, in flats, but that solution in turn makes the pedalling tricky at Y. Any ideas would be gratefull received, as it’s got me stumped. A

    lillian-l on #146069

    I perform this section as written. There is a quick double pedal change (B natural & C#) 8-9 measures after X. In my opinion, Rehearsal Q – R is the most challenging in terms of pedal changes. Naiades is a rewarding piece for both the harpist and the flutist. Enjoy!
    Lillian Lau

    HBrock25 on #146070

    5 before Y, I also play as written.

    alexander-rider on #146071

    Thank you for your replies!! It’s a tricky one…but quite satisfying to play 🙂

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