Alfred Holy’s music?

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    unknown-user on #147920

    Is there anywhere you can buy Alfred Holy’s music?

    There was a website in Florida (Romaine music? I think) that had a large selection of his works. But is seems to be no longer

    barbara-brundage on #147921

    unknown-user on #147922


    unknown-user on #147923

    Just great!I don’t know Holy’s music quite well but some of it seems to me under the influence of Richard Wagner in a very good way.Thanks Barbara and Tan,congratulations/RHC Holy revival.

    barbara-brundage on #147924

    Just be aware that he is not without controversy:

    unknown-user on #147925

    I just glanced at his “Festmusik” first hp part(I don’t have the 2nd) and it’s like Richard Strauss’ bold music.Since

    unknown-user on #147926

    Oh no…I just read this, not nice is it?!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #147927

    He was like Wagner in more ways than one.

    Harp Museum on #147928


    We have the entire collection of Alfred Holy’s music.

    unknown-user on #147929

    Is RHC inactive?I had a go at it(mail,on line order didn’t work),no reply.What a pity;his “Miniaturen” seems to be a fine set of harp

    barbara-brundage on #147930

    Victor Roman is terrible about returning email. Keep trying.

    unknown-user on #147931

    I will!Thanks,Barbara.

    Calista Anne Koch on #147932

    Victor is a harp regulator and runs the Harp Mall also, so he just alwasys seems to be on the road and backed up.

    unknown-user on #147933

    Hi Helio,

    I just find a website, planet harp, that have much of Holy music from RHC on special for half price. Elegy, Nocturne, Impromptu. And Parish Alvars La Danse des fees (I like this one).

    It is on the music close out page and I hope it works as the link. I do not know if they are part of the same company or not, and you pay by something called pay pal.


    barbara-brundage on #147934

    No, Planet Harp has nothing to do with Roman Harp Company. It is run by noted harp therapist Sarajane Williams.

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