Airport Busking?

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    Madeline Davis on #188138

    I was just curious, have any of you tried this with harp? I’ve seen a string quartet playing (maybe highschool/college age), but wondered if anyone’s ever found this to a be a good idea for a solo harp. I imagine sound equipment was important, but would love to hear whatever experience you’ve had with this- seems like the sort of environment where people might enjoy something stress-relieving, such as harp music.

    Biagio on #188139

    Hi Madeline,

    I know a number of harpists who enjoy that venue, and I would guess it depends on your harp and where you set up as to whether amplification is desirable or necessary. So give it a go and find out:-)

    Some of the most charming experiences I’ve had in airports (which are not generally known for being charming!) have been when transporting a harp. People got really googly-eyed just seeing it.


    Jerusha Amado on #188141

    Hi Madeline,

    I tried playing at our local airport one time. It was a very interesting experience! I played near one of the terminals where folks were waiting for their loved ones to arrive. I received a number of wonderful compliments, mainly for the calming nature of the music I was playing and also for the eclecticism of my music. (I play pop, light jazz, light classical, traditional and Contemporary Gospel music–something for almost everyone!) One memorable aspect of the event was that I remember being very much “in the zone” while playing and therefore was able to play with a lot of feeling and with virtually no small errors, which was wonderful for me.

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