Air travel with Harp???

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    Harper Cait on #147489

    We’re moving to the Caribbean and I need to bring my harp with me, as I’ll be working down there as a musician… We’ll be travelling from Canada.

    catherine-rogers on #147490

    What size: celtic or pedal?

    anita-burroughs-price on #147491

    I have traveled by air using a Colorado Case for lever harp on Delta,Lufthansa, American, BMI, and Austrian Air.

    Harper Cait on #147492

    Lever harp.

    hannah-roberts on #147493

    Colorado Case. Best money I ever spent. It also protects the instrument from temperature and humidity changes, which in your case will be a big help. Then you just check your harp like luggage and it flies with you, and will often still be in tune when you arrive. Check with the harpmaker about detuning before flight; Triplett advised me against it for mine.

    Harper Cait on #147494

    ok, it seems like that’s really the way to go then… do you guys have the fibreglass reinforced cases? Or the regular ones?

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