“Air on a G String” by Bach

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    elena-k-pohl on #151940

    Is there a good version of “Air on a G String” by Bach transcribed for the harp?

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #151941

    If you’re not in

    barbara-fackler on #151942

    email me at harpist@hornandharp.com.

    I’ll send you one to try.


    patricia-jaeger on #151943

    Elena, I seem to have several versions of harp arrangements of this piece. Some are in D major, one is in 8/4 time signature, and all needed re-editing on my part to be more harp-hand friendly except one: Air auf der G Saite arranged by Erich Schubert. It is in G, 4/4 time, simple, and beautiful. It is published by PMA (Pro Musica et Arte), Hodgeroth, Ruppichteroth, Germany D-5207 and may be available in the U.S. The collection is titled Joh. Sebastian Bach, Selected Pieces in Simpler Arrangement, and besides this piece includes My Heart Ever Faithful, Prelude in C, Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring, Siciliano, Bouree, and Sheep May Safely Graze. Herr Schubert, classical harp performer, composer

    mr-s on #151944

    Hi Elena , i just did a wedding tow days ago and played the Air on G string , but you know i discovered in that moment that this piece has a touch of sadness, its very lovely music ,but i found that wedding needs more moving music, but any way if the bride asked you to play it ,so you can do it, i have a version by some friend here in the column sent it to me, and i ordered the Paul Hurst transcription ,but didnt get it yet, i think his transcriptions are nice ,as i have his trans of Aranjuez Rdorigo 2 movement.

    steven-todd-miller on #151945

    I like the Phyllis Schlomovitz version.

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