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    unknown-user on #168245

    Did anyone summit a tape for the AHS National Competition?
    I summited a tape for Intermediate 1 division, but my tape wasn’t
    chosen 🙁
    Anyway, I’d love to hear about anyone else’s experience competing in
    this, or any harp competition.

    unknown-user on #168246

    Don’t feel too bad about not being chosen. I submitted a tape to the Intermediate 2 division and wasn’t chosen either. My teacher told me that this year they had to be more selective than usual because they couldn’t reserve the facilities in advance. I think for Intermediate 1, they chose 8 tapes out of 45. It was the first time I had tried to get into a competition, so I figure there will be more chances. Just the experience of applying was worthwhile.

    unknown-user on #168247


    I know several very fine young harpists whose tapes were not chosen for this competition. Please don’t feel bad, and just try to keep working for the next opportunity. It’s really too bad that so few people’s tapes were chosen to play in person for this competition.

    Maybe this will help you feel better: No first prize was even awarded in the Advanced Division of the AHS competition. But Julie Smith, who tied for second prize in the Advanced Division, went on to place third in the USA International Competition!!!! Imagine how she must have felt when no first prize was awarded, but then just a few weeks later she went on to win an even bigger acheivement. So keep your chin up and just keep trying. If you’re really concerned, you could always play your tape for several harp teachers and ask for constructive comments on how you can make a better one for next time. Good luck!

    Kim Rowe

    unknown-user on #168248

    I’m replying a bit late, but as the mom of another student who was not chosen to compete, I’d like to suggest that it might be worthwhile to have your harp teacher request the listening notes made by the judge. My daughter really benefited from discussing another person’s criticism with her teacher.

    unknown-user on #168249

    The suggestion Florence made is great! When I studied piano, my teacher

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