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    I’m having a trouble in registering for AHS conference this summer. If anybody could tell me what I should do I appreciate your help!! I asked AHS twice for help but hasn’t heard back for a week.

    I was intending to register for two days of the conference not for the full dates. At AHS’s website page of the conference registration, I chose “One Day registration” ticket, specifying the two days I’m planning to go to, clicking those dates, and moved on to payment, hoping that they’d charge the proper registration fee (one day fee $130 times two- I suppose) at the end of the registration process. But they charged only for one day fee ($130 for adult). I got the impression that with this I was registered only for one day. I tried to do another “one day” registration at the website, but the website doesn’t appear to let me do so as it shows “Already registered”.

    Do you think I am currently registered only for one day or AHS recognized my two day registration?


    When you want to do something that a conference order form doesn’t let you do, in my experience the best thing is to email the conference organizers and ask about it. Here’s the link for the AHS conference:


    Sorry, didn’t mean to hit post so soon. I don’t know what else you can do except to keep trying to contact them. If email doesn’t get results, there is a phone number. They’re the only people who can straighten this out.

    However, based on past experience I would also say don’t be surprised if the answer is no, you must register for the whole thing if you want to do more than one day. It’s possible you haven’t had a response because they’re deciding what they want the policy to be and haven’t come to a decision yet.


    Dear Atsuko,

    Please contact the AHS Executive Secretary, Ashanti Pretlow, If you continue to have a problem with Registration please contact me, Also, my telephone number is listed on the hard copy and online registrations.


    Emily Mitchell


    50th Anniversary

    40th National Conference


    Dear Emily and Barbara

    Thank you so much for your help and attention.
    I could contact with AHS and the problem is solved!

    Thank you,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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