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    I haven’t received any mail from the AHS for a while and am having

    trouble getting in contact with someone there to make sure my address

    is correct, but in the meanwhile could someone please send me the

    repertoire for the AHS competitions next summer? I have a few

    students who I think might enjoy the experience depending on the


    Thank you!


    Hi Lynn,

    Here’s the webpage that they listed all the repertoire:

    JUNIOR DIVISION (Maximum age 12 years on June 1, 2005)

    Sarabande from Suite No. 4 G. F. Handel/Kondonassis

    Haiku for the Harp (Choose one) S. McDonald and L. Wood

    Le bon petit roi d?Yvet?t Marcel Grandjany

    Et ron ron ron, petit patapon Marcel Grandjany

    INTERMEDIATE I DIVISION (Maximum age 15 years on June 1, 2005)

    Interlude from Ceremony of Carols Benjamin Britten

    Rumba, Tango and Seguidilla

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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