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    unknown-user on #167905

    I’ve been practicing the audition peices for the american harp
    society competition, and noticed that my version of Salzedo’s
    Seguidilla and Rumba are quite different than my teachers, as My
    edition is rather new, and hers is older. In seguidilla, in my
    edition, there is a repeat sign. in my teacher’s edition, theres no
    repeat sign.

    in rumba, in my edition, it says to repeat three times before the
    coda. In my teachers edition, it says to repeat the whole thing once
    (sans coda) then go back to the beggining, and go to page 2, then go
    to the beginning again. i dunno, its crazy..

    ANND to make matters ever MORE confusing, i listened to a recording
    of these peices by alice giles, and she played my edition for the
    seguidilla and my teachers for the rumba. how confusing.

    soooo what im asking is if anyone is SURE that there’s
    a “competition standard” edition for seguidilla and tango. help?



    unknown-user on #167906

    I really don’t think it should make a difference.

    unknown-user on #167907

    no, I’m asking if any one definetely knows for sure. (as in, any one who’s some sort of “offical” for the competition)

    unknown-user on #167908

    oh, sorry…

    then maybe ask your teacher?

    unknown-user on #167909


    I’m not an “official from the competition,” but I may be able to help. Read the guidelines for submitting a tape. It says all repeats are optional.

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