Affordable Harp Car for College Freshman HELP!

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    rebecca-cieply–2 on #146064

    I am going to be a freshman in college this fall and I need to buy a car to fit my 85CG. I can’t afford a new car, my price range is very low ($5,000 or less…preferable less)!

    I have found a Hyundai Santa Fe 2002 which I think will be big enough but it is a 2 hr drive away and I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with this car?

    Can you recommend a good harp transport vehicle that is affordable?

    Thanks in advance!

    Pat Eisenberger on #146065

    A L&H Style 85GP will fit in a Chevy HHR – but not with the bench. The HHR is a great value – we are getting terrific gas mileage. I bought mine new – and then my husband bought one. I don’t know what used ones are selling for, but ours have been good, dependable cars.

    M Rodgers on #146066

    I have used a Sante Fe and

    Susan Abken on #146067

    Look for an older Volvo V70 station wagon in good condition, Toyota Camry wagon, something low that is easy to load or a larger old Ford station wagon. Good luck!

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