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    unknown-user on #166588

    My 16 year old daughter currently plays piano and flute. Her main instument is the piano but she would very much like to have a small harp to learn to play. She is looking at a Heather Harp from

    I know nothing about harps and very little about music in general. I am very much in need of guidance. Thank you for whatever advice you can give.

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    barbara-brundage on #166589

    It’s made in Pakistan. See this thread for a current discussion about those harps:

    unknown-user on #166590

    Hello Barbara,

    Thank you for the information. We are reading through the discussion you referrenced. It’s quite a long one. I am also wondering if you have any personal recommendation or is that something you would not be knowledgeable about?

    Thank you.

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    barbara-brundage on #166591

    Well, personally I would not recommend those, not now. It used to be that there were no other inexpensive choices, but that has changed. In descending order of cost, depending on your budget I would recommend a Dusty Strings Ravenna, something from the Harpsicle tribe, one of the music makers kit harps.

    But my real recommendation would be to find a teacher instead. Many teachers have harps they rent quite inexpensively to students and this will give her a chance to find out how much she likes it while playing on a decent instrument without a huge outlay up front.

    The Pakistani harps are very cute and I do recommend them, often, to people who just want a harp for a decor object.

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