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    This probably too late. I suffer many issues I have owned over 16 harps. I suggest you do not stay with the L and H bow string pedal weight combo that includes the Ogden. They are very heavy. There are far lighter gut strings but with excellent sound. If you are interested let me know and we can talk options. I think Laurie Riley many titles but for $10 Harping with Handicaps is a great start and would be a good source because without the most up to date and rigorous attention to your body you can swap out one problem for another. There is so much to finding the right harp, and not injuring with or without an existing injury. Flat backs, round backs, stave backers, height, seat height, your height ratio . What you do with your fingers will follow you all the way to the back of your skull. String tension is critical . Mostly the harp’s balance point is more critical than size when you sit correctly. Correctly all the time. Doing no other damaging things when not at the harp. Teachers on average are not trained in this area enough.
    Let me know if you want details
    Cheers Rosey


    Hi folks, thanks for all the helpful recommendations and ideas…I really appreciate all of them. I will look at the harps you suggested. I’ve been renting the Ogden and I’m surprised that the general consensus that it is a training harp for future pedal harpists! I tend to prefer the concert spacing and higher tension…perhaps it’s due to almost 40 years of playing classical guitar, which also has wider spacing and higher tension than other acoustic guitars. Whatever the reason, I’d be interested in all the Ogden experiences that people would be willing to share. What are your likes or dislikes? Frank

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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