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    lisa-fenwick on #161433

    I have been going to the wonderful HarpArts program that Lynne Aspnes runs in Georgia for the past 3 summer and I love this incredible program and will return again this year but does anyone know of any other programs suitable for serious adult harp students?

    lisa-fenwick on #161434

    Would also be interested in weekend workshops. Thanks.

    paul-knoke on #161435

    For something a little different, there’s the HIstorical Harp Society’s Workshop and Conference. This year it’s in Boston, June 8th, 9th and 10th. There will be several presentations on the pedal harp, concerts and hands-on workshops that are applicable to all harps and harpists playing at any level, beginner to professional. For more information, go to:
    Keep checking for more information as it becomes available.


    lisa-fenwick on #161436

    Paul, Thanks for this information.

    Mary Ann Flinn on #161437

    I have also attended HarpArts with Lynne Aspnes.

    rod-c on #161438


    In a recent issue of the printed version of HarpColumn there was a big article on the various summer harp camps/workshops. The article listed all the workshops and gave details. If you can find an issue of that, you’d have a pretty comprehensive listing.


    Rod C.

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