Adding color to Truitt levers?

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    David Kitamura on #216559

    Well, it finally happened for me. I secured a lovely preowned harp with Truitt levers. This model was fitted with the heart-shaped handles for the Cs and Fs, but I would like the usual red and blue color for the levers I’ve seen on other harps.

    I wouldn’t mind experimenting with the stick-on acrylic gems I’ve heard suggested in past posts, but are there any complications to that? What other, simple materials can be used to add color safely?

    charles-nix on #216565

    I have seen some where the handle was dipped or brushed with red or blue paint. There is also a tool handle dip available in red or blue.

    Small silicone o-rings are available in colors also, and can be slipped over the handle. They have the advantage of being easy to move. I use green ones on my lever harp to mark the occasional g# or d# that must be changed instantly when there is no time to find it.

    Charles Nix

    carl-swanson on #216566

    There’s a product called DYKEM layout fluid, which is used by machinists. It comes in blue and red. You can get it at any industrial hardware supplier. I use that to color the C and F levers.

    catherine-rogers on #216568

    Try just a tiny touch of nail polish. You can get it any color and very inexpensive. I’ve used it to touch up colored levers on several harps and it works well.

    Biagio on #216569

    My preference is for heat-shrink tubing, over paint or tiny o-rings: not only easier to see but easier to grasp. You can buy red and black heat-shrink tubing in most hardware or auto supply stores. Use a hair dryer for the heat – and no, it won’t hurt the strings. If that is a worry though just shield them with a pot holder.


    duckspeaks on #216575

    Another vote for heat shrink tubes! I have pre-bought them already. Of course you have to judge whether the handle can handle at least hairdryer heat. (I assume you take it out to avoid undue heat on the harp or strings. If you use tin foil to shield the harp, you may get away by doing it in situ but be generous with tin foil please!

    Biagio on #216580

    (I assume you take it out to avoid undue heat on the harp or strings. ….

    Depends on the hair dryer and how careful you are. I just cut a slit in a hot pot pad to slip the cam through. The tape will shrink within 10-15 seconds – hardly long enough to do any damage.

    David Kitamura on #216610

    Thanks for the tips, everyone. The heat shrink tubing sounds like the best idea since it would be hard for me to get layout fluid in the tiny amount I assume I would need for just one harp.

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