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    terry-waltz on #184463

    I can’t figure out how to respond to messages about my classified ad (I need to tell the poor lady the harp has already sold (not through here); I look very rude at this point because I can’t find out how to even find her message, for which I saw an email notification of some kind).

    It might be nice to put up some sort of help page to explain how to manage ads. After all, they are paid…it’s nice to get some help when that’s the case.

    Harp Column Staff on #184465

    Hi Terry: You should receive an email from anyone who responds to your ad. After that it’s up to you to communicate directly with them. You can also let us know when your ad sells and we can remove it so you don’t get any more inquiries. Please send us a private email if you’d like to remove your ad, including a link to the ad.

    Good idea about the help page. We are working right now on a more detailed explanation of classifieds for our FAQ page.

    –Kim at Harp Column

    terry-waltz on #184477

    Well, I would like to take the ad down, but I can’t — because the site uses a hard-coded “open up Outlook” email link. I cannot email to you through it, because I do not run Outlook, nor can I see what the address should be. I couldn’t even use the BACK button to return to this thread after being thrown into the “Open up Outlook” demand. I had to close out, log in again, and find this thread again from the forum index. Please just provide an email, so people can use whatever means of emailing you they like. I do not use Outlook.

    I think the addition of classifieds to the FAQ page is a great idea. You may also like to have the site professionally tested by people using different browsers and hardware setups — things like the email issue should have been caught by whomever did your Web design. I have the impression that while this is a pretty design, it could be a little more user-friendly. Login can be onerous, and it is not at all intuitive to find various features. A site map might be a welcome addition to deal with those issues.

    Kimberly Rowe on #184527

    Hi Terry:

    Wow, I’m genuinely sorry you are so dis-satisfied with our site, since I am the one who did all of the design work. We try very hard to please, and we try very hard to make it easy for people to contact us by displaying our contact information clearly at the bottom of every page as well as in our Staff Directory.

    Many times I use a link rather than printing our email address within text, as it cuts down on the amount spam we receive to our address. You can always right click on a link to copy the link address, or in this case the email address. You may want to check your browser settings, as our email links do not point specifically to any particular mail client.

    I’ve gone ahead and removed your ad. Please feel free to contact me directly if we can help you further.


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