Acus One ForStreet portable acoustic amp for harp

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    asomatous on #210309

    Hallå 🙂
    I have been perusing this forum whilst making a few purchase decision. I am very new to the harp, only just beginning to work on technique to try and become fluent in the expression of my musical ideas. I do know, though, that this love will grow. I have played a great deal of varied and highly experimental music with fretless guitars and analogue synthesisers but recently life’s turns and certain struggles have led me to the tonal purity of the harp as a necessity for healing. However, with how it feels I must live in the near future, and with fair confidence that I will pick up techniqe to a tolerable level quite quickly, I am planning a portable set up for recording and busking.
    I have been selling all my electric music gear (unfortunately for far less than original value!) and have bought a Camac Hermine, with which I found a special resonance, and have ordered a Dusty String pick-up which I will install upon arrival.
    I would like to have the ability of looping to build live solo pieces so I will be selecting a new looper pedal and have been doing all the online research I can into amplifier choices. Obviously it is difficult to select an amp without playing them all but I am currently not in a position (geographically or practically) to get to a shop which would sell the kind of acoustic ranges which would be suitable for harp. My budget is very limited and by reviews and specifications I was almost settling toward a Schertler Jam 100 for my first acousic amp, perhaps more power than necessary but it seems to tick thenright boxes although not heard in person. I did a bit more reading today and I realised that Acus do a battery powered amo in their One series, the “One ForStreet”, apparently similar tonally to others in the series but with an internal rechargable battery which can last for 7 hours. If this amp sounds clear and alive then this would obviously be the best choice for busking a little later on and would also help with looper practice as I will soon leave England again and travel for some time in a van,meaning limited and only periodic power.
    So, my apologies for the long introduction to my question but do any harp players have any experience with this amp or with any of the other Acus One series? I have read both guitarists and violin players speak writing very fondly of them, and the company has angreat reputation, but harp-specific input would help me wih the risky decision of ordering one of these before playing.
    I could not find any other portable amp solutions which look anywhere near as good on paper, so although this is quite beyond my budget (the harp alone was beyond my budget amongst other recent spending!) it seems a great option.
    I look forward to hearing people’s experience and opinions 🙂

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