Accompanying a piper

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    Donna Germano on #149724

    Has anyone played harp with bagpipers and dealt with those tuning issues?

    unknown-user on #149725

    I have done 3 wedding ceremonies over the years with pipers, one of them with 4 pipers indoors – while I didn’t ever play with them, I can tell you that the volume of sound they generate

    Donna Germano on #149726

    I know about the volume as I’ve played weddings with pipers as well.

    tonya-a on #149727

    I have played my pedal harp with bagpipers in the past, altho not without challenges

    sherry-lenox on #149728

    What scale name pitch is 470Hz? Are you saying that they call traditional concert pitch A440 470?

    Donna Germano on #149729

    Thanks Tonya.

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