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    jchagoya on #222652

    Has anyone completed ABRSM grades 1 and/or 2 on a fully levered Harpsicle?

    My daughter would like to take these exams within the next year, and I’m not sure that a larger harp will be in our budget by then. It seems that all of the music and scales so far fall within the 26-string range, and they only specify that harps must have greater than 34 strings for grades 3 and up.

    There are few harp students in our area (and no others that I know of are working toward ABRSM) and we will be traveling over 300 miles to take the exam, so I don’t have a good feel for if the Harpsicle is welcome in the exam room! I also wouldn’t want her to lose points on the exam due to her harp – though I wouldn’t think a fair examiner would do such a thing! It’s a nice harp, but obviously it doesn’t have quite the same sound as more traditional lever harps.

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    wil-weten on #222659

    You may like to post your question also in the Harp Section of the ABRSM-forum at: https://www.abrsm.org/forum/index.php?showforum=35

    Tacye on #222666

    You cannot play the full grade 2 scale requirements on the harpsicle range, at least one of the two handed scales will need notes outside this range in all the tuning groups. You would need to ask them beforehand in writing if this would be OK.

    jchagoya on #222670

    Wil-weten, there is no link listed. Can you please post again?

    Tayce, we could certainly ask permission for her to use the harpsicle and note the limited range for some of the 2 octave, 2 handed scales. Thank you, we hadn’t gotten to grade 2 material yet.

    wil-weten on #222673

    @jchagoya, I did provide the link. I will link it here again, but you do need to approach it from another device. Some phones block the links of harpcolumn.
    I will try and spell it out.

    abrsm dot org slash forum slash index dot php questionmark showforum=35

    wil-weten on #222680

    @jchagoya, I just read in the thread ‘no links on the phone’ that Veronika wrote: ” It’s definitely the mobile version of the pages that’s the problem, because if I use the “Request desktop site” option in the browser I can see the links.”

    Perhaps her solution will work for you as well.

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