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    David Ice

    I recently played in the “pit” for the show “The Light In The Piazza”.

    Kathleen Clark

    I loved watching the video! Thanks so much for posting, Dave! So much fun to see harpists here in action!

    Asha the Nagini

    That was really interesting!


    OK, I can’t seem to pull this up.

    Pat Lovejoy

    Dave, that was great, seeing your interview and being able to associate a name with a face.


    That was fun, David. I’m glad to see you got the first spot in the video, too.

    Pat, how are you?


    I was right there with you with the bare feet when i played it last summer. If pedal accuracy wasn’t enough of a reason to “wear” my most sensitive soles, the hollow floor that amplified ever step I took sealed the deal.

    Pat Lovejoy

    Hi Barbara,

    I’m fine and the harping keeps expanding. I want to thank you for giving me some encouragement to do some arranging myself – it’s been very satisfying, once I conquered that fear of entering a world with no boundaries.


    Hey David! I really enjoyed watching your video. I LOVE Light in the Piazza, and I think it’s fantastic that they made a vlog out of the production and included the musicians! I’ve played in nearly 20 musical productions so I’m quite familiar with the pit experience. Guettel’s music and the orchestrations for LitP are fantastic. I think it’s one of the best things to be on Broadway in the last ten years. I watched the Tonys the other day and was lamenting the current state of Broadway…but enough about that. My favorite numbers are (so hard to choose) Passeggiata, American Dancing and of course, the Light in the Piazza. I hope I get to play this show someday!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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