a place to practice in london.please help

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    gidi karmon on #107611

    hi my name is gidi and im from israel. i have to travel to london for a week(26/9-3/10) and unfortunatly i have an audition 6 hours after i fly back.i need a place to practice for no more then two hours twice that week.

    if any one has a suggestion please help.


    jessica-wolff on #107612

    Gidi (Gideon?), you have posted the same message on three different threads so far. That’s not the best way to get a reply.

    Tacye on #107613


    unknown-user on #107614

    Hi Jessica. When I first posted here I put a question on like three different threads or something coz I wasn’t sure which one was the right one or if people looked at all of them. So maybe that is what Gidi was thinking too.

    I hope she finds somewhere to practise. It’s kind of exciting that she is travelling and going to practise somewhere and kind of cool too.

    jessica-wolff on #107615

    Natty, I think Gidi is a he. Gidi is a nickname for Gideon. I understand about not knowing which thread might be the right one, because they aren’t defined on the site. Some are obvious, but others–Coffee Break springs to mind–aren’t. But Gidi just posted EVERYwhere.

    unknown-user on #107616

    Ha! He posted Everywhere? That’s funny! I clicked on his name and the only one that comes up is the Coffee break one so I guess they removed them..Its also funny that I

    jessica-wolff on #107617

    So do I! And he did post on every thread, but the moderator apparently removed all but one. Gidi, let us know how you make out!

    gidi karmon on #107618

    thanks alot!!!

    jessica-wolff on #107619


    gidi karmon on #107620

    oh and natty the second mouvment is there too!

    unknown-user on #107621

    Hey Gidi! Sorry they removed some of your posts, I bet you would have got lots more offers if they didn’t remove some of them!

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