A New Scam

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    paul-knoke on #254199

    You may imagine my surprise when I discovered one of my own harps listed for sale on eBay. Rest assured, this harp is not in Los Angeles, and it is not for sale.


    charles-nix on #254203

    Wow! Did you report seller to ebay? It is odd that seller has so many good reviews- but says in the listing to only contact outside of ebay. I wonder if the seller’s account is being used without his consent.

    carl-swanson on #254206

    I had the same thing happen to me years ago. I had a harp listed for sale on my own web site, and someone stole not only the photo, but also the description that I had put up with the photo and listed both, I think on ebay. I only found out about it because someone here notified me.

    paul-knoke on #254207

    Update: I got on the phone with eBay. My harp was just a small part of a very large scam involving many high-end musical instruments as well as other items. It seems a postage stamp dealer in the U.K. was hacked, and someone in California was using the account to try to rip people off. Fortunately, eBay responded quickly, all the fake listings are gone, and the seller is back to being a legit stamp dealer. I just feel bad for the stamp dealer, and for the many people who had bid on fraudulent items. What I learned: always check to make sure the item and the seller are in the same place!

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