A Little Night Music Harp Part

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    David Ice on #196157

    Since I have been asked, I do have my own edits on this harp part, and I have reset a majority of this show on my Sibelius software.  I’ve done my best to fix page turns, wrong pedals, and to clear up what is nearly illegible copywork.   At least now, at last, THE FANTASTICKS has been typeset.  And I recently played FOLLIES which also had a beautifully typeset score.   But for some reason A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC is still out there in manuscript.

    I did more editing on this part–there are a couple of places where dropping a couple of notes saves you 6 quick and awkward pedal changes!  So I’ve dropped a few notes here and there, but still its’a bout 95% the original.

    I certainly don’t claim ownership or anything, and there are many numbers I did not typeset or edit–just the ones that I felt needed the extra clarity and throughtfulness to negotiate the page turns.

    I will try to enclose a sample.

    Dave Ice

    OOPS….I did spot one error in a pedal diagram. Sibelius has a way of not “locking” a pedal diagram to a specific bar, so please refer to “1  Overture Revised”.  Sigh…you try your best….

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    Gretchen Cover on #196162

    David, you are very generous to share your music with other harpists. Thank you for doing this.

    catherine-rogers on #196163

    Bravo and many thanks for doing this! Probably my favorite of all the shows I’ve played.

    Sid Humphreys on #196165


    You are SUCH an angel!!! Have I told you how much I love you for saving me so many times?


    Anonymous on #196170

    You are so generous to share this post. i loved it. thank you for this share.

    carl-swanson on #196178

    David- I think that’s wonderful! That’s a lot of work and a big contribution to all harpists.

    May I make one suggestion though. Try to make your pedal markings as big and as thick and black as space permits.  I think that the major reason that harpists don’t like having the pedals printed in the music, aside from the fact that often they are wrong, is that they are printed in a typeface too small and thin to see easily.  Carl Fischer Music just published my new edition of the Debussy Danses, with ALL the pedals marked in, and the pedal letters are 3/16 of an inch tall(which doesn’t sound like much, but is huge on the page). The letters are also thick(like bold typeface I guess) and that makes them very easy to see.

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