~A beginning harpists questions and experiences with the L&H Prelude

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    Hello all!
    I came across this web-site after the Harp Column was recommended to
    me. I am 14 years old and have played the piano for 5 years although
    have only taken lessons and practiced for about 3 years. My dream
    for as long as I can remember has been to play the harp. In the next
    for months my dream plans to come true! :o) My goal is to play
    professionally and play both a pedal harp and Celtic/lever harp. I
    have done MUCH research and found that since this is my goal the
    Lyon and Healy Prelude lever harp looks like the best to start on.
    Because of it’s larger size and string type and tension it looks
    like I will be able to learn the techniques of a pedal harp and
    learn the lever and Celtic method at the same time. I am wondering
    what those of you who have played think of it? I would like to hear
    about your experiences, even if they were bad! I also looked at the
    Troubadour, the look is not really my style but would anybody
    recommend that over the Prelude?

    I plan to trade it in with the Lyon and Healy trade-in-program for a
    pedal harp once I feel I have know enough and have the finances. I
    also plan to do the Rent-to-Buy program. My parents do not want to
    invest in something so large and then find out I have a hard time
    playing it since they are such hard items to sell. I am trying to
    convince them I do not think that will be the case (it being to hard
    to play) since this is my dream and I LOVE the harp but just to be
    on the safe side I guess it would be good. Do you all recommend
    doing this?

    Also, does anybody know of ANY teacher?s in Tennessee? Anywhere in
    TN, I am willing to drive a bit. Also, do any of you play in TN or
    in a climate like it? I am just wondering because after learning how
    often strings can break my mom and I were wondering if it is harder
    with all the humidity and changes of weather? And are there any
    books you would recommend on the harp, not music more of about the
    harp? One more thing, I saw a few things posted about playing on
    your left shoulder, is this because of being left-handed? Is it
    harder to pay left-handed? Sorry if I am rambling.. :o)

    Thank you all so much and any other info for a beginning harpist
    would be much appreciated! I look forward to hearing form you all! I
    am SO excited to get to finally have me dream come true :o)!!!
    Sincerely, An over excited Lydia :o)

    unknown-user on #167847

    I am tickled by your enthusiasm.

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