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    S Chaler


    I plan to buy


    I would recommend your daughter play the harps you are considering and let her pick the one she enjoys playing the most. They will all respond differently to her touch and technique. That being said, I’d personally go for the Clio extended board. It’ll look more substantial with the extensions if she does eventually play for the public. If she goes further in her pursuits with the harp, it will be a good gigging instrument because of the light weight while her concert grand stays safe at home. Again, this is just my opinion.


    I agree your daughter should play the harps if possible. However, it also depends on the music she wants to play. There are some pieces which require bass notes not available on the Clio so you have to either omit them or play them an octave higher (not always possible). One example is “La Source” by Hasselmans. If her teacher doesn’t plan to assign works like that, no problem.

    Also consider how tall she may become. She’s still growing at age 11. If her parents are each 5′ 7″ or taller, she may be that or taller, and she may eventually find a Clio too small for comfort, if the harp you buy now will be her only one. Is she tall enough now to comfortably play a larger harp? What does her teacher advise? On the other hand, a 44-string harp may satisfy any need she will ever have.

    I’m not trying to talk you out of any particular harp. All three you mentioned are fine instruments. I own and use both a Clio and a concert grand. Everyone’s needs are different.

    S Chaler

    Thank you Barbara and Catherine.

    I forgot to mention we do not live in the US. In our area, there are only two dealers (one with limited selection, the other with no stock) so there isn’t much chance for my daughter to try playing on several harps. I’m more likely to order the harp unheard directly from the maker.

    My daughter is now 5’2″. She barely supports the weight her teacher’s concert grand


    If she is that small, I think the Clio would


    I think it is vitally important to buy 46 or 47 string harps, because you have no guarantees that you’ll have enough later on to buy a concert grand. Some people get stuck on 40 or 44 string harps that just don’t have enough to play on. I suggest you get a second-hand Style 30, 100,

    Sid Humphreys

    I agree with Saul here. Check with the dealer and see what your monthly instalments would be on the different sized instruments. You may be surprised at what you can afford. I started with a Salvi Daphne 40 and within 2 years was needing lower strings for the music I was playing. Luckily, Lyon and Healy has a great turn around program and credited me almost the full cost if my Daphne for an L&H 23. Fifteen years later, I would like to have a smaller harp for some on site rehearsals and giging but it isn’t in my budget. I’m

    harp guy

    If $15k is your budget, I would definitely take a look at some secondhand instruments. Also, Venus Harps have a few Semi-Grand pedal harps with extended soundboards for about that much money. And these are new harps. I personally haven’t played a Venus, but from what I hear they are every bit as good as L&H, Salvi, and Camac.

    Bonnie Shaljean

    Where are you based? I echo Harp Guy’s suggestion that you should also look at some secondhand ones, though be sure to get the teacher’s first-hand (i.e. she’s played it) opinion before making any commitment.

    S Chaler

    Thank you all for your nice comments.

    We live in Bangkok, where the harp community is really small. There


    I LOVE those Salvi Arions.

    don morin

    you should check out virginia harp center.. they have an amazing selection of used in great condition for cheaper…or you can phone this lady in ottawa, ontario, canada, her name is kathy elarte…you can check her website at


    I love the Arions also.


    I just read about your search for a pedal harp.


    She lives in Thailand.

    I wonder what she ended up with…..would be nice to see the follow-up on this.


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