2nd harp choices for easier transport than your big floor harp

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    harpnvermont on #255489

    I’m sure the responses will span the gamut. I’m curious what folks when they were newer to harping did once they found their ideal “big” lever floor harp that they didn’t want to transport around with them when they wanted to play outside, or travel, or suchlike.
    There (of course!) are so many options out there but 26 string harps seem to be in abundance and a common size. For those that chose a 26 string did that “do it for you”? Did you feel you probably wanted 29 maybe 30? Maybe more/less?
    Thanks for any input you may have. I fully understand how personal harp choices are so expect a myriad of answers.
    Happy St Patty’s day to all. Slainte

    harpist123 on #255490

    I chose a Triplett Eclipse (38 string) for small to large gigs, where I could either plug it in for amplification or not, depending on venue. And I also chose a Blevins Eden (26 string) for outdoor gigs without a real audience involved (like a gig I played called “Pass Notes” where musicians set up with their instrument (guitars, me with harp, etc.) far enough apart from each other so we couldn’t hear each other, on trails at the top of Colorado mountain passes in the fall for the color change of the aspens, as folks traveled to see them. I am sure there will be other venues like this where a larger harp really isn’t necessary with regard to my music choices. I also take this small harp to lessons I teach to help with a visual for students with regard to technique, etc. And I often have harp duet music available at the student’s level so we can play together as well…very fun! Hope this helps 🙂

    balfour-knight on #255496

    I guess I am a “big harp” person, ha, ha! The smallest harp I have ever found to be really satisfying is the Dusty Ravenna 34. I NEED those bass strings! I have played 26 string harps before, but NO BASS! They would indeed be great teaching instruments, or easy to travel with, but these days, my Dusty FH36S is my smallest harp to take. It is totally fulfilling in every way with its 36 strings, great tone, and small size. Very interesting, Dusty considers this a “large harp” since it is the largest professional model they make.

    This is just my opinion, of course! I look forward to others chiming in on this thread.


    Biagio on #255501

    Hmm…excellent question. My favorite “small harp” would not be very useful to you since it was purposely designed as a smallish “floor” harp. It stands 48″ tall (26 strings C to g) and those comparatively long bass strings provide the resonance not often heard on a 3 1/2 octave harp.

    I don’t know of anyone else who makes anything like this, but the closest in tone I’ve found is the Raphael 26 by Harps of Lorien. That has a truly gorgeous sound as does the somewhat larger Lorien 30. These have Finnish laminate sound boards (like the Dusty Ravennas). Both come with Truitt levers on Cs and Fs; additional levers at $24 each. They are also available as unfinished “kits”. Both the finished and “kits” are sold at very attractive prices.

    The Ravennas would also be good economical choices but given the cost comparison to the HoLs (about the same) and with Lovelands on the Dustys I would go with the Harps of Lorien.


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    wil-weten on #255517

    I’ve got a rather compact Salvi Heather 34 strings meant for travel. This model has since long be discontinued. It’s legs can be easily removed and screwed on back again. I love it’s full sound.

    Yet, I’m sometimes dreaming of a small double harp, with all its exciting possibilities. Anyway, I might still miss the bass strings.

    Katy Stanley on #256215

    I have a Dusty Strings FH36B as my main harp. She is too heavy to move a lot so I purchased a Stoney End Braunwen in cherry. It has 29 strings from the g two octaves below middle c, to high g. The stand is removable so transport is fairly easy. The range is perfect for Celtic, pop, hymns, and some classical. String tension is higher than my Dusty, but I love the different sound!

    I also have a Sharpsicle for harp therapy. Super light weight and a sweet, calm sound. Mine is in maple.

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