26 strings or less as an only harp

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    deb-l on #158761

    can anyone tell me if they are content with 26 strings or less as an only harp?

    harpglo-jean on #158762

    Well, personally, I wouldn’t be content if that was my only harp…I own a Ravenna 26, and I love the harp, it’s tone, portability and durability, but like I’ve stated before, I do have to rearrange a few of my tunes.

    jessica-wolff on #158763

    No. Anything from 33 strings on up, assuming it goes down to the C two octaves below middle C, which most of them do.

    alice-freeman on #158764

    No, not as my only harp. I played a Ravenna 26 when I was in Alaska for a week, and there just were not enough low strings – I was constantly rearranging standard musical arrangements. I really wanted another octave down there.

    I would not go with less than 34 strings.

    — Alice in windy Wyoming.

    jennifer-buehler on #158765

    I’m not trying to be rude but I don’t think you are going to be completely happy with any one harp no matter the number of strings.

    deb-l on #158766

    curious Jennifer, why do you think I would not be completely happy with any one harp?

    Rachel on #158767

    Contentment also has to do with what you can afford.

    deb-l on #158768

    ah.. thank you Rachel.

    Karen Johns on #158769

    I’ll take a stab at this one. I think (and I’m not Jennifer, so I’m guessing here) that you are on the quest for “the perfect harp” from all your various recent postings about different harps, and your angst over having to choose one. I think you may be a “multi-harp” person (like me,I have three). This is not a bad thing in and of itself, but it may cause you a lot of stress bouncing from one harp to another, and you are bound to have buyer’s regret- it is already apparent you have renter’s regret. Every harp has it’s own unique voice, and some harps sound better playing certain styles of music than others. I really don’t believe for a second that there is a “perfect harp”, and more than you or I are perfect. Each harp, no matter how great it sounds, will have a flaw somewhere. Maybe what you should do is let yourself get used to one harp for awhile instead of bouncing from one to another. The Egan might still be your best choice- just give it a chance. :-)


    deb-l on #158770

    Karen, I love the voice and everything about the Egan.

    deb-l on #158771

    michael-rockowitz on #158772

    Just curious – won’t the parrots pose peculiar problems regardless of which harp you purchase (forgive the silly alliteration!)?

    deb-l on #158773

    Michael, parrots pose problems harp or no harp!

    jennifer-buehler on #158774


    You said it perfectly. Thanks!

    deb-l on #158775

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