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    unknown-user on #74930

    Hello everyone!

    I want to present f 26 string harp to my wife. She is a guitar teacher and never played the harp, but i know she wants.

    I looked throug a lot of harp makers’s web-sites and found 2 harps i ready to buy, byt there is some dilemma in making a decision –

    First choice is Dusty Strings’s Ravenna 26,

    Second is R Harps’s Merlittle.

    I can’t choose because of following: Looking from the side of a person, who knows nothing about the string instruments i like the Merlittle more, it looks better, but i could find the Merlittle only on the web site of the R Harps and even without the price and soud sample, i even couldn’t find out where i can buy additional strings set for Merlittle.

    As i see Ravenna is more popular and the Dusty Strings’s harps are sold at many web sites, also their site contains sound sample and other accessories description.

    I don’t know which harp to choose. I know that you are all here know much about harps. Can you advice me and pull to the right way.

    Thank you in advance!

    jennifer-buehler on #74931

    I don’t think Rick Rubarth is selling the Merlittle anymore.

    unknown-user on #74932

    Thank you, Jennifer

    I found the small harp made by Dan McCrimmon, it’s called simply – 26 string Highland Harp, it looks also good as the Merlittle one, but it costs almost 2 times more than the Ravenna 26.

    I tried to find some information concerning the levers installed, sizes and weight of Dan McCrimmon’s harp,

    Karen Johns on #74933

    May I also recommend the 26 string Limerick from Musicmaker’s? It is available in cherry or walnut, with nylon or wire strings. It has a beautiful tone and wonderful projection. You can check out sound clips on Musicmaker’s website- http://www.harpkit.com


    unknown-user on #74934

    The Limerick looks and sounds good, i’ll think it over. Thank you!

    Helen-ELizabeth Naylor on #74935

    Hi There

    Have you considered the Triplett Christina?


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