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    Hi, I’m working on a preparing a concert with a bunch of 2-harp duets and I was hoping to find out what the favorites are. We’re most likely going to do John Thomas’ Cambria and the Escosa arrangement of the Mother Goose Suite. I have a few others pending, but what do you like to hear / play?

    Thanks! I always love discovering new music – especially if it’s somewhat obscure!

    Kimberly Rowe

    Hi Brittany:

    I love playing Andres “Garden of Peacocks.” If you are up for a challenge, Caroline Lizotte’s “Raga” is really fun, but it takes quite a bit of work (along with percussion instruments….).


    I like the Hinner duos; not difficult, charmingly written, and provide a nice change of style during a program!


    I like that Dewey Owens/Caesar Franck arrangement of the Prelude, Fugue, and Variation. And Kim, 2 harp duets is redundant! You only have to say harp duets.


    Thanks, These are great. I think my sister (the other harpist) wanted to do Raga as well. Such a cool piece!

    Carl, you’re right 2 harp duets is redundant, but when I was searching online, “harp duets” pulled works with mixed instrumentation, so I just wanted to clarify the ensemble 🙂 Obviously I should have realized that here, I needed only to say harp duets.


    Brittany-I think the internet is wrong here. I would think that duets with mixed instruments would say “harp and flute duets” or “Harp and violin duets” and that harp duets would automatically mean two harps.


    Concertino in an old Style – it might not appeal, but finally on youtube twice:
    I’ve had the harp parts and the score without string parts for ages but would need another player locally – what do you think of it ? Busy but maybe not too difficult………
    Maciej Malecki Concertino in Ancient Style for 2 Harps and string Orchestra
    Web search on: concertino in an old style, harps, youtube (otherwise the videos load into this box)

    or I have an arrangement of L’Apres Midi for 2 harps and flute arranged by Whit Dudley- 1992 Barrington Music Publications (BMP)


    Andres’ “Parvis: Cortege et Danse” is terrific fun. For a completely different style, Tournier’s “Quatre Preludes” makes a nice contrast. And for two harps, rags are a nice addition. Susan Jolles has a Joplin suite and there are a number of versions of “Maple Leaf Rag” and “The Entertainer”.


    The Allegro vivace, per due arpe, opus 75 no. 2 by Marius Flothius is also graceful music.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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