16 yr old guy from sydney aus. Help!

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    unknown-user on #167913

    hey, i really want to take up the harp. if anyone knows any teachers
    in sydney or knows where i can possibly find teachers in sydney, it
    would be greatly appeciated. Is it possible to teach yourself with

    i have 5 years of solid expreience with the classical guitar. Would
    learning the harp alter my guitar proficiency or would that cause
    any troubles learning the harp.

    What harp should i but first if i am very keen on contiuning? i know
    harps have different numbers of strings but are there different
    types of harps? sorry if i am repeating another forum topic with any
    of this.

    unknown-user on #167914

    First off, congratulations on choosing to learn the harp! It’s a wonderful instrument to
    Maybe you should look in the internet for something in Sydney-I’m sure there are harp
    teachers there. I would not really recommend using a book, even though you could
    probably control what you are doing well enough, it’s not the same as having a teacher to
    show you.
    I don’t know if having played the guitar will help with finger technique, but if you’ve played
    it for 5 years then at least you can most likely read music very well!
    There are lots of different kinds of harps; we’ll start with the simple ones(I’m only
    mentioning the three kinds I’ve already played on) -they’re orginated in germany/austria
    (where I’m from!) and it’s with simple lever/pedals. You can only put the 7 pedals down
    once, instead of twice. (1 pedal for each note of the scale) Then you can get semi-grands,
    which already have the double-pedal system, but are smaller in size and reasonably
    priced. Oh and I should mention on a tirolean harp the repetoire is quite limited. And last
    but not least the concert grnads. wonderful isntruments, rich in sound and the full power
    of w fully-fledged instrument. (ha that must have sounded dumb!) The last thing you
    should know are the different brands-but that’s a lesser problem. You can have look on
    http://www.lyonhealy.com for a nice selection of good harps. But for a CG one does have to pay a
    pretty penny.
    Well anyways, these are my 2 cents, I hope it helped some!

    patricia-jaeger on #167915

    Rohan, The renowned Luigi M. Tedeschi, who was Professor at the Milan Conservatory two generations ago, was first a virtuoso classical guitarist before turning to the harp. Then he performed concerts on harp, taught the instrument at the Conservatory, and composed many beautiful harp pieces which are part of the repertoire of every professional. So I would say I frankly do not know whether your guitar technique would suffer if you want to play both instruments, but your left thumb will now be a playing member of your hand, rather than holding the neck of the guitar. You may be so happy to have an orchestral range of notes, and as many as eight to sound at any one time (we do not use the little finger of either hand; it is just too short)that you may gradually start to play less and less on your guitar, as Tedeschi did.
    Regarding a teacher in Sydney, you can e-mail me and I will give you a name and telephone number. Between live lessons, which are really essential, you can supplement your learning with a Beginning Harp Book and Video, which really enhance your weekly encounter with any teacher, so that if you practice diligently you can play better, sooner.Best of luck to you!

    unknown-user on #167916

    wow! thankyou very much both of you, this is an excellent forum.
    As for the guitar issue, i spoke to this guy who plays the harp in sydney, he played the classical guitar and lute before taking up the harp, he said that i will find it easy to play with my right hand, but the left hand will need to learn some coordination. I really want to be able to play both instruments because i absolutly love the guitar, electric and classical, and i love harp music.

    The harps in http://www.lyonhealy.com are, (quite unfortunatly!), out of my price range. i did some research and found a maufacturer in Sydney, who sell harp kits (30 stringed) for AUD$1000 with is about $700US. are these advisable? they also sell ready made harps for a bit extra, would this be a better option?

    unknown-user on #167917

    Id get the ready made. that way you can be sure you’re getting something of “good
    quality”. not meant badly, but that way you can absolutely sure that it’s of good quality.
    but harps to make are really fun. hm. *considers getting one* :-D

    alexander-rider on #167918

    Dear Rohan,
    i just thought

    unknown-user on #167919

    Personally, I have no experience with woodwork, so I would never make my own harp. If you do, you could consider this, but I recommend getting a ready-made. You could rent a harp. There are teachers who offer lessons and rentals, though I don’t know of any in Sydney.
    Just a side note, avoid harps on ebay or the internet in general, particularly the lap harps unless you see a brand name you know ex: Swanson, Lyon and Healy, Salvi, Triplett etc.

    unknown-user on #167920


    Sounds like you’ve made some progress in your harp search in Sydney but if you haven’t
    come across the Harp Society of NSW you might like to have a look at their website –

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