vince-pierce on #109284

If you can tell me how to move pedals too quickly, I would love to know! But actually, Briggsie is right in that you can move it too soon after playing a lower string and get a buzz that way, so I guess that is probably what you meant (as opposed to a pedal ‘buzz’ that happens when you play a string and move the corresponding pedal at the same time but don’t quite line them up right). I have this problem with my harp a lot, because it gets a lot of sympathetic vibrations in the lower octaves (I think that’s what makes a Salzedo so LOUD). So it happens when I’ve played low strings and haven’t muffled, or sometimes even when I haven’t played them at all! I’m really ok with that, though, because the sympathetic vibrations are what give the harp its carrying power and sustain. Anyhow, I would say that the quicker pedal movements are, the better. Usually most pieces have specific instructions as to when to dampen certain strings, so otherwise you should be ok and manage to avoid that ‘zing’ if the pedal movements are swift and done in one motion. I hope I make some sense. Have fun with your new pedals and the rest of your harp!