Re: What’s your favorite-looking harp?

unknown-user on #110675

I adore Gothic-styled harps such as the Wurlitzer DDX, the L&H 3 (and the 26 to an extent), and my favourite – the Erard Gothics, especially the ones with the column with the carved spiral/twist. They’re the only gilded harps particularly I like, not really into the rather ornamented ones. I’ve seen pictures of Erard and Erard-style Gothics with gold and coloured finish, and they’re just gorgeous, like the polychrome decoration in Gothic cathedrals and castles. For modern pedal harps, the Bauhaus harp from Thurau harps, the Salvi Apollo (in glossy ebony), and the L&H Salzedo.

For non-pedal harps, I’m a big fan of Andrew Thom’s modern-styled harps (possibly rather biased because I have one!), and Peter Brough’s harps with the elegant narrow column and sweeping point. And most harps with a high-headed medieval-Gothic shape, too.