Re: Reading during rehearsals?

harp guy on #107228

As a flute player primarily I rarely have this problem. There was one such occasion though where I was a solo flutist for a mass (orchestra and choir) that was over an hour long. I literally played 12 bars in the Sanctus, and was doubling the solo cellist. I was still required to be in all rehearsals (paid afterall), and I couldn’t exactly go offstage in the performance either.

So… I brought a book. I put a black cover on it and sat it on my music stand. I read through the rehearsals (both of them) and even in the concert. Doing it in the concert probably wasn’t the greatest thing to do, but I was buried back in the orchestra, on the stage floor (risers were for the choir only), sandwiched right in front of a 100+person choir and no one could see me. I couldn’t even see the audience. And if they could see me, they would have just seen me sitting there, occasionally turning a page on my music stand…

The conductor didn’t seem to mind. Or at least… I didn’t notice or necessarily care.