Re: Re: Which edition of the Handel Concerto do you teach?

unknown-user on #88407

I just received my copy of the Lawrence edition and am extremely
pleased with it. The solo-tutti contrasts are more clearly stated
through dynamics and texture. The dense textures are reserved for
important structural moments and cadences. This creates stronger
forward momentum in the formal structure. The clarity of Baroque
harmonies (without added sevenths, etc) and clean voicing of chords are
a relief to my ear in being consistent with the style. I did enjoy some
of the added inner voices in the Salzedo edition because he connected
gestures with linear motion and added some antiphonal effects, but the
absence of these also heightens the contrast between solo and tutti and
gives the concerto an overall increased delicacy, in my opinion.

With so few masterworks from this period available for students it is
unfortunate to predominately use editions that do not teach correct
performance practice in terms of ornamentation and chord voicing. The
modern editions have aesthetic beauty, but at some point should
probably become more of a specialty presentation of the works and the
more stylistically accurate editions be the norm. Otherwise harpists
will not be as well informed as other classical musicians in regard to
early music.