Re: Re: what you do if you are in my situation????

unknown-user on #88710

mr davis hello , you are right, i must to leave the country, but its something horrible to get visa to the states specially to people from the middle east, even i am christian and harpist, i want to study a little more to develope my techinc, i have my own russian school and i like it, and there i got degree of doctorate of musical arts DMA in russia you get it after finishing the conservatory of 5 years then study in the DMA for 2 academic years, its different from the PH.D.. I DONT know what is the system in USA and if they accept the russian diploms. i preffere to build up my proffesion in my country and to travel every year abroad to do master class with deffirent teachers from deffirent schools, but now i feel that i was a naiive dreamer, such a things will never happen in our countries , maybe in swiss