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Hi Kreig

Albeniz travel a lot and made “presents” for ex. to the Town Hall of that new city where he was. When he arrived to Oviedo the capital of Asturias gave to… the people that score. He noticed that that will be an error and tried to rectified. He gave then another title to that music: Leyenda (Leyend). Then is a score with two “opus”. But… was late. The music became a sucess on the guitar of Francisco T��rrega with the original title of Asturias. Late. Albeniz prefer the guitar version than his own piano version because the… feeling… (I don t know in english).

On the harp, I try to go on the guitar tempo, first and the guitar arrangement. On the piano score, there is a silence on the right hand in each chord because the distance on the piano… is very difficult to play it well. The guitar don t has that problem and, the harp, I think that is ok too… I think.

Zabaleta was born in Guipuzcoa, Pa��s Vasco.

I have to go to the school to learn english yet.