Re: Re: Re: Re: WHAT a conference!!!!

Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #110969

Carl, she plays with such freedom and beauty of tone and such marvelous musicality. She played the Faure Impromptu at the very end. She said she meant to put it on the program but there was some sort of misunderstanding on the phone when they were asking about her pieces.

The Farkas…..I’m not sure how many she played. I didn’t count them because I was so entranced with her music. I want to say maybe 8 or 9 of them? They are really nice, too. She is a very brave woman……..she goes all the way in creating music….no holding back. She just lets it rip. I admire that. It was really very warm in there that day too….and there was a terrible thunderstorm raging which at one point made the lights go off and then on again. She did not miss a beat.

I could’ve listened to her play for hours longer. She takes you into the music with her.