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The Limo battery lasts for about 4 years until charge capacity drops to about 3 hours. I can get 8 hours on a new battery with relatively heavy harp use. Replacement cost $30.

If you are going to gig professionally having both the Limo and the Bose are the way to go if you are solo. If you have a helper you have more options.

Good sound systems pay for themselves quickly as they attract gigs that you normally do not do (larger, noisier) and larger charges.

We build an amplification charge into our quotes. We actually have 7 different amplification systems that we use ranging from small outdoor gigs, large outdoor gigs, small medium and large indoor background, DJ at the reception and large multi-player concert hall.

There truly is not one size fits all in the amplification of harps but the Bose comes closer than most.