Re: Re: Re: Pierne – Impromptu Caprice

carl-swanson on #109868

Bonnie- Thank you so much for these notes on the piece. I’m going to print this out and make the changes to my copy. it is kind of interesting to me that, while French composers produced so much music that is in our standard repertoire, the published editions were not very harp-friendly and all need a lot of editing to make playable. They all require so much preliminary work to get ready: writing in pedals and fingerings, re-writing notes enharmonically, or re-distributing material from left to right hand or visa versa. I’ve mentioned it before here, but Faure’s Une Chatelaine en sa Tour… is the worst one I have found, and that was dedicated to a very gifted harpist! You’d think she could have helped with the preparation of the publication. That’s why I decided to publish a version of that piece, saving everyone else weeks of preparation work.