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Christian Frederick

Carl…. I’m fascinated with watching and listening to Michel and Catherine! As to your comment, I would guess that the arrangement for this harp is not written down note-by-note. There seems to be a lot more going on. I would make an educated guess that her score is more of sketches and not written down like Classical music note-by-note. She is putting more of her heart and soul into this than just playing notes.

Also, I am memorized by incorporating her technique and musicality together. I’ve been to harp festivals where I see so many harpist look and play soooo stiff, with their wrists bent backwards and elbows in the air. Catherine seems to flow like a feather floating in the sky.

Michel certainly is playing the full orchestra on the piano rather than a piano solo. I can almost see and hear his thoughts…. violins here, harp here, drums here, etc.

So, if you have contact, please tell them I am now a big fan of both separate and as a musical union…