Re: Re: insurance

Isn’t there a customer protection law that states that a product should be reliable? For instance, if I buy a new car and eventually, the warranty expires but suddenly it falls apart, the company will still need to provide compensation because they didn’t provide a ‘reliable’ product. You buy a car and expect it will last quite some time and won’t suddenly fall apart. Under that law, you won’t be protected against leaky tires but you can expect the product to be structually reliable for a reasonable amount of time. If it falls apart after 25 years, it might be a little different :).

From what I’ve heard, harps aren’t supposed to fall apart that *at all* so even if your warranty doesn’t cover it, it would be rather unfair if they didn’t replace the harp – as it wasn’t a reliable product.

But I guess the laws in the US are a little different…