Re: Improper behavior of other harpist

ABit Mifted on #148266

Wow. in one respect, I am glad that I am not alone in this, but also very sadden that this occuring elsewhere with other harpist.

Laura, I guess I don&#39t feel so bad after hearing your dealings with a demon harpist!! That is just awful.

Carl, I did do something to the effect of having a friend email this harpist. When my friend got an email back from her, it was almost, word for word, like my usual response expect there was an added note that she would beat any price. She even called my friend asking if she had questions, had she made a decision. My friend, knowing the situation, told her that she had hired me. Her response was, “well, if thats the way you want to go, I hope you will be happy” she did it in such a tone the come across as my friend would be very unhappy with me. So yes, I know that she is also trying to slander me.

She is very young and just out of college, I know she is trying to start a business for herself, but I don&#39t know why she is trying to start it in this manner.

I talked to another harpist in town and she thinks that maybe I am the target because I get a majority of the weddings in this area.