Re: How did you afford your first harp??

Michael H on #110621

Sorry to bump this thread all the way back! Well I haven’t gotten a harp yet, but I know my first harp will be the Ogden, which I plan to pick up within the following month…

Like the rest of us, I’m completely crazy for harps, my heart skips a little whenever I spot one on the telly…Shame I’ve never seen for real yet, save for a little pakistani harp. Sheesh, not even the city’s orchestra has a harpist! (We have a midi pianist…I’m sure she’s a marvelous pianist, but that’s a huge slap in the face to harpists!)

Anyway, I’ve worked for quite some time now, and I finally have enough! I’m so excited! Think they’ll let me play the harp in my school’s concert band?