Re: How did you afford your first harp??

John McK on #110612

I was able to by a harp (T-serenade) this spring as a treat for working a little harder in my job than normal.

-I took on an extra class at school, which bumped up the salary a good bit. Most of it went into my retirement, but a little got diverted for “splurges.”

-I got paid to grade nationally standardized “college level” world-history exams for 7 days in June. 500 essays all on the same topic. . . .

-I led a monthly workshop on how to teach AP world history (same as the course I graded exams for) in order to bring other teachers in the district up to speed.

-I got together with some friends from the Irish session scene and formed a band, and the gig money helps defray costs of new muscial toys 🙂

So, no dramatic stories. Not having kids or outstanding debts certainly helps too.