Re: Harp Teacher

Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #88674

At the risk of provoking flames, there are some things jumping out at me right away. No teacher should be getting up to answer the phone in the middle of a lesson unless there are unusual circumstances, which they should explain. And they should never short-change you on your lesson time. If something arises to make this necessary, then that time should be made up. As for rhythm-training, I believe this to be essential. It is hard enough for a young person to acclimatize to ensemble work, without having to learn to count on the spot! I agree also that it is counter-productive to try to learn too many new pieces all at once. It is much better to learn a lot of technique at the beginning, with a couple of pieces to make it fun. On top of that, no teacher should be bad-mouthing colleagues or former students or complaining about things. You are not paying him so that he can sound off. Can you imagine going back to a hairdresser who did that? If you wish to continue your association with him, it would be a good idea to talk to him about these things. If you can find a more professional teacher, that would be preferable. After nine months, there should be noticeable progress.