Re: Flat Chords: Yes or No?

Han Hsieh on #88138

My opinion is the same as #2, playing with what the music score says; unless the piece is open for adding ornaments.

Esmeralda has a nice statement from other thread that can also be used on this one…….

in general music… we seem to focus too much on presenting our personal interpretation of the work, rather than producing it the way the composer heard it in his mind and bringing out his personal individuality rather than ours.

A harpist over doing broken cords is like a singer over rolling his/her tongue on every “R” sound when singing Italian songs. There are great musicians who refrain from injecting their personal essence into their performance, and rather remained true to the composer’s original expression.. Arghur Rubinstein’s Chopin collection is one of the best example.

Finally, I do heard some harpists play flat cords clunky. Could it be