Re: Do you teach your students how to practice?

laura-smithburg-byrne on #88340

When teaching a student how to practice I think a logical approach that empowers the student to make intelligent decisions in practicing is fundamental. Everyone has little tricks to help students learn difficulties in technical issues. But teaching a student how to focus with an end result in sight is key to success. Mindless repetition when practicing is a waste of time. Focused concentration in repetition trains the mind to function at a higher level and think more critically about what you are doing on the strings. Mistakes are part of the process and everyone makes them. Getting out of your own way and learning why you made the mistakes and trying to improve in your effort is part of the practice.
Most students are young people who are still learning “how to learn and perform successfully” on the harp. When performing under pressure, the more intelligent the practice and preparation the more successful the outcome. I don’t think many of us have time to waste whether teaching or performing. Most students are very busy and have their own pressures to deal with in their daily lives. Again, I